What Is The Most Common Size Dumpster Rental?

February 15, 2023

The most common dumpster rental size is the 20 yard. Keep reading to learn why.

This is a very common question for someone looking to rent a dumpster. There is quite a large variety of sizes of dumpster rentals available. Some areas of the country have certain sizes that are more available than others. However, there are some sizes that are pretty much universally available everywhere. In this article, we will answer the question "what is the most common size dumpster rental". We will also go over the various sizes commonly available in the dumpster rental industry.

First, we should explain that most dumpster rental companies, like ours - Trash Daddy Dumpsters, typically only rent the large dumpsters. Normally the smallest size available to rent is a 10 yard. There are very few companies that rent dumpsters smaller than 10 cubic yards. All across the U.S. there are six standard sizes - 10 yard, 12 yard, 15 yard, 20 yard, 30 yard and 40 yard. Let's talk about the different sizes most commonly available to rent, and which size is most commonly rented.

Most common residential dumpster rental

The most common dumpster sizes for residential dumpster rental are the 20 yard and also the 30 yard. There are many reasons for this, which we will go into below. But, the primary reason for their popularity is because of how much debris you can load into them and because they are not much more expensive than the smaller sizes.

What is the most common dumpster rental? The 20 yard.

trash daddy 20 yard dumpster dimensions and capacity

The 20 yard is the most commonly available size and also the most popular. It's popular because it can carry a large load of debris, including heavy material. It can still fit in most residential driveways, but it's not as tall as a 30 or 40 yard, making it easier to throw trash and junk in over the side. It's a great value and is a great choice in dumpster rental.

30 Yard Dumpster

trash daddy 30 yard dumpster size

A 30 yard is a close second place to the 20 yard in terms of popularity and availability. This size is another common choice of homeowners for standard trash and debris (not heavy). It still fits into most residential driveways, and can handle large loads of junk. It's also a great value for the size.

Most common construction dumpster rental

Of course the 30 yard is also very popular with contractors. There are more "30 yarders" in most areas of the country than any other size typically. But another popular size, especially for construction sites, is a 40 yard.

40 Yard Dumpster

trash daddy 40 yard dumpster size

A 40 yard is the largest size available in any area. This size is not near as popular or available as 20s and 30s, in part because it's about eight feet tall. This size is for very large jobs, and normally is rented by contractors with large scale projects. However, some homeowners do still like this size, because like the 20 and 30, it can also fit in most driveways, and it can carry a very large amount of debris.


The 20 yard is the most common and readily available size in the dumpster rental industry. The 30 yard is a close second. One reason both of these sizes are so popular is because they can carry large loads of trash. Another reason is that the price difference to "upsize" to one of these larger sizes is normally very small. So they are both great values as well. At Trash Daddy, we pride ourselves in using our experience in the dumpster rental industry to help our customers get the right dumpster rental for their needs, and at a great price. We hope this helps answer some common questions about dumpster rental sizes. If you have further questions, we would love to hear from you!