Below you will find the most frequently asked questions we hear about renting a dumpster.  This short video also explains some common questions regarding how much space is required for delivery and usage guidelines.  If you have any questions at all, contact us anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have other charges like taxes, distance fees, or other fees?

No!  At Trash Daddy Dumpsters, we have all-inclusive flat rate pricing.  That means you only pay ONE price, but you have to stay under the weight limit.  Although dumpsters can hold up to 10 tons of material, the heavier the weight, the more it costs for disposal, which is why the various sizes have their own weight limits.  If you exceed the weight limit, there will be an extra charge due to the extra cost of disposal.  That's why it's important to talk to an expert before renting a dumpster - so they can help minimize the possibility of going over the weight limit based on what you are putting in the dumpster. 

However, there are 2 instances where an additional fee MIGHT occur - (1) if a driver comes out and can't place or pick up the dumpster because it's blocked, which would result in a "dry run" fee of $200, and (2) if you have a pick up or delivery scheduled and cancel.  If you cancel same day there is a cancellation fee of $100, and if you cancel 24 hours ahead of your pick up or delivery day there is a cancellation fee of $40.  See terms and conditions on our website for all the details.

How soon can I get a dumpster?

Most of the time, we offer next day availability, but this can vary during the busier times of the year (typically summer time).  On occasion we can offer same day availability, but this depends on the day and the area where you live.  This means that if you order a dumpster today, the soonest it could be delivered would be tomorrow.  Also, this is Monday through Friday.   So if you order on Friday, the soonest would be Monday, and if you order on Saturday the soonest would be Tuesday.  The reason for this is because the drivers' routes for any day are configured early in the morning of the scheduled haul, and it's difficult to change them during the day.

Can I get an ETA on when it will arrive or be picked up?

We can try, but please be aware - this is difficult.  If we can get an ETA, it will take some time.  If every customer asks for an eta, it will be difficult for the dispatch department to do their job.  The drivers are on a tight schedule in order to be as productive as possible, and they are prohibited from being on their phones for safety reasons.  While dispatch does know where the drivers are through the day, it's not a simple thing to narrow down a specific time window for individual deliveries or pick ups (and this is with any hauler, not just our company).  See the question "why can't you just ask dispatch for an ETA" for more information.

If you have a dumpster scheduled to be delivered or picked up, the driver could arrive any time between 8am and 7pm.

What items CANNOT go in a dumpster?

Almost anything can be thrown away in a dumpster.  It's much easier to just list what can NOT be thrown away, as that list is much smaller.  It's all determined by what can go in landfills, which are strictly regulated.  Please make sure you never put any of the items below in any dumpster.  Of course give us a call with any questions you might have.

Electronics - TVs, computers, etc.
Air conditioners
Paint cans & chemicals
Household cleaners
Propane tanks
Medical waste
Oil & gasoline
Contaminated soil
Any other hazardous chemicals

What is the rental period?

Our standard rental period is 14 days included in the flat rate price.  If you need the dumpster longer, it's $15 a day after that.  Of course we can always pick it up sooner if you want.  You just let us know.

Do you have same day delivery?

Sometimes.  On occasion we can do same day, but most of the time the earliest we could get you a dumpster would be the next day.  Give us a call if you would like us to check for you!

How much does a dumpster rental cost?

It depends on your area.  Prices vary across the country, and they can change with the local economy.  That said, the prices with Trash Daddy range from about $319 to $679, depend on the size and the area of the country in which you live.  Give us a quick call to get specific prices.

Can I get a higher weight limit?

Yes!  We have dumpsters for heavier projects like concrete, dirt, brick, rock or sod.  These would be mainly 12 yard, 15 yard or 20 yard dumpsters, and they come with a weight limit up to 10 tons.  Give us a call for pricing and details.

Why can't you just ask dispatch for an ETA?

Because if we did this for every scheduled delivery or pickup dispatch wouldn't be able to do their job.  Please be patient and understand that the drivers have many deliveries and pickups on their routes every day.  All of them are important to get done, and when the dumpster is delivered depends on a number of factors on any given day.

Do I have to be home for pick up or delivery?

No, as long as nothing is blocking the area for the driver to place or pick up the dumpster.  We get your placement instructions at the time of the order, so you do not have to wait for the driver if you don't want to.

What if I go over the weight limit?

It's fine but there will be an extra charge.  The dumpster can still be hauled (unless it's over-filled and/or over 10 tons).  However, when it is dumped they are all weighed, and if it's over the weight limit, there will be a charge of $65 per ton (pro-rated) over the weight limit of that dumpster.

Will I need a permit?

Probably not, but possibly, depending on the city and where you place the dumpster.  If you put the dumpster in your driveway you shouldn't need one.  However, some (not all) cities do require permits for dumpsters placed on the street.  We can let you know which cities require a permit, and handle all of that for you.  Give us a call for details.
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