How does a roll off dumpster door work?

May 29, 2024

If you have never had a dumpster rental before, you may not know that there is a dumpster door on every size on one end.  The door is there to make loading the dumpster easier, in particular for the larger dumpster sizes like the 30 yard or 40 yard.

Roll off dumpsters are the ideal solution for getting rid of old junk or debris around your home or garage.  Some dumpster rental companies (like Trash Daddy😎) have made it easy for anyone to rent a dumpster.  They are affordable and can be delivered to your home.  You fill them up, we pick them up, and dispsoal is all done for you.

The smaller dumpster sizes, like the 10 yard, 12 yard, or 15 yard, are not very tall. So you can actually throw the junk and trash in over the side.   The 20 yard is the most popular size for this very reason.  But, for larger items, or larger sizes, you'll want to use the dumpster door on the end of the dumpster enclosure.  We will explain more about how the door works.

How to open or close the dumpster door

dumpster door operation

The door will have a handle towards the bottom and a safety chain.  To open the door, first remove the safety chain.  Then you simply push the handle down and pull back towards you.  This will release the latches and the door will pop open.  The door will swing open outward, allowing you to walk all the way inside the dumpster.  This is the easiest way to load large items like couches, mattresses, box springs, appliances, and more.  It's always best to load larger items (especially heavier waste material like concrete or dirt) first so that they are on the bottom.

Dumpster Placement

When you rent a dumpster you will tell the dumpster rental company where you want it placed.  For residential dumpsters this is most often in the driveway.  At about 22 feet long, even the larger sizes, like the 30 yard and 40 yard, will fit in most residential driveways.  

If you are renting a dumpster for your home and placing it in your driveway, remember that the driver will always place it with the dumpster door toward the house or garage.  It will not be placed toward the street.  So you will want to ensure you have enough room for the door to swing open, assuming you plan to use the door.  

The largest size roll off dumpsters are around 22 feet long and 8 feet wide.  The door swings out away from the dumpster.  This means that if you want to open the door all the way, there needs to be at least 31 feet of space (22 feet for the dumpster plus another 8 feet for the door).  Of course you can always just open the door part way.  Or you can throw smaller items in over the side if you have a size that isn't very tall (like the 20 yard, 15 yard, 12 yard or 10 yard).

Final Word

Remember when renting a dumpster, there is a door on one end for all sizes.  The door swings open to make it easy to load.  We hope this article has been helpful relating to dumpster doors and how they work.  If you have any questions (especially in our service area), feel free to reach out to us! Thanks for reading.