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To schedule your dumpster rental, all we need is about 5 minutes to get the service address, placement instructions, delivery and pick up date, and payment information.  DONE! Simple, fast, and your dumpster will arrive as soon as the next day.

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"I was absolutely impressed with Trash Daddy, they were kind, professional, answered all my questions, they were on time! And when I was finished I had the dumpster picked up before my scheduled time as per my request. Thank you Trash Daddy! You made this clean up so easy and stress free!!!"
Stephanie Ingraham

"Chad and his team made my project go smooth as could be. Chad instantly responded with a quote and easily met my needs of when, where, and how to place the dumpster at my tricky site. His drivers, on delivery and pick up, knew exactly what to do. The office made it a breeze to pay for the service. I’ll use them for all my future business."
Jon Swenson
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All Texas Service Area Cities

If you do not see your city listed, it doesn't necessarily mean we don't service your area. Give us a call to check.

Dumpster Rentals In Texas

At Trash Daddy Dumpsters we service a fairly large area in Texas, currently in a radius around the Houston area.  We service all the smaller cities inside the beltway, as well as those suburbs outside the beltway like The Woodlands, Sugarland, Pearland, and more.  We don't post prices online because they can change from year to year depending on the local economy (fuel prices, landfill prices, etc.). Just give us a call to get you the best price we can for Texas. We have all-inclusive flat rate pricing to make it easy for you with no extra fees.   See our pricing page for more details on what's included with your dumpster rental for the one price.

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Next Day Availability

We can have your dumpster delivered as soon as the next business day.

Dumpsters Always In Stock

We always have dumpsters available. However, sizes vary by area. See the sizes section of this page above for details.

One Flat Rate Price

We simply charge one price, provided you stay under the weight limit.

Fast, Reliable Service

We are committed to providing the best service possible.

Always Reachable

We will always answer the phone or email or chat - even after hours!

We Are The Dumpster Experts

We are dumpster rental industry veterans who can help keep your cost down.

Call (281) 402-8553 For Prices
Roll off dumpsters are handy for those clean up projects that are just too big to put out with your normal trash.  Rent a dumpster for things like remodeling jobs, garage cleaning, moving, getting rid of old furniture or other items, landscaping and yard waste clean up, roofing debris, deck materials, or anything else you need to get rid of that cannot easily be thrown away.  You can get rid of almost anything, but if there is any question, you can see our list of what cannot go in a dumpster.

Roll off dumpsters are delivered and positioned where you tell us you want them.  You just load them up, and they are taken away a few days later (or however long you need).  You always want to be mindful of what you are putting in a dumpster, because the cost is affected by the weight.  All dumpsters have a weight limit (typically max is about 10 or 11 tons), which is determined by the legal hauling weight of the truck hauling it.  If you overfill a dumpster, or put too much very heavy material (like rock, concrete, sod or dirt), it will cost you extra money, and possibly will not be able to be hauled.  Always keep that in mind when planning your next clean up project.  Remember, the weight limits listed on our website are not the maximum limits.  That is just the limit included in our one flat rate price.  Our experts at Trash Daddy Dumpsters can help you determine which size dumpster would be best for the job at hand to help minimize your cost.

Give us a call to rent your next dumpster if you are in our Texas service area.
Call (281) 402-8553 For Prices

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