What Cannot Go In A Dumpster?

17 things that can't be put in a dumpster

So you are thinking about a dumpster rental to get rid of all the old junk lying around?

You can use this type of container for disposing of many things or cleaning up any area around your home or business.  They have become an affordable, convenient solution for junk removal of all kinds.
The good news is that you can put almost anything in dumpsters!  But, whether it's a residential dumpster or commercial dumpster, there are several things that cannot be put in them.  The reason for this is due to local, state, and federal disposal rules and regulations at landfills to protect the environment.  All states are a little different, but each will have specific disposal and recycling requirements for these materials.

Prohibited items: what you can't toss in a dumpster

Below are 17 items that are not allowed in a dumpster:

* Electronics:  TVs, computers, printers, microwaves etc.
* Refrigerators: the issue with a fridge is the chemical freon.  It requires specific disposal methods.
* Air conditioners: AC units have the same issue as a refrigerator - the Freon.
* Hot water heaters:  these contain gases inside of them that are potentially dangerous.
* Fluorescent bulbs:  these lights typically contain small amounts of mercury which requires specialized disposal.
* Car batteries and lithium batteries: they can leak harmful fluids.  Alkaline batteries CAN go in a dumpster. 
* Tires:  A tire take a long time to decompose.  Your city should have specific recycling locations for tires.
* Latex paint:  including paint cans with liquid paints or lacquers.  Fully dry paint cans are acceptable.
* Household cleaners:  liquid home cleaning products, aerosol cans, solvents, and any other flammable liquids
* Explosive materials:  fireworks, ammunition or other explosives
* Propane tanks
* Oils:  motor oil or others
* Gasoline: any type of fuels, obviously due to their flammable nature
* Adhesives:  resins, glues or wet concrete
* Food waste:  large quantities of food waste, like from a restaurant.  But, in some areas food waste IS allowed.  
* Medical waste:  needles, used bandages
* Hazardous waste:  things like asbestos, contaminated soil, chemicals, railroad ties (only if treated with a chemical like creosote) or pesticides.  There are restrictions and strict requirements for disposal of these types of materials.
NOTE: some landfills now only accept mattresses for an extra charge.
See your service area page for details.
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Waste Disposal Tips for Prohibited Items

If you have an item or substances to get rid of that are included in this list, we can give you some ideas and information on how to dispose of those items.

For hot water heaters, we suggest contacting a local HVAC company.  They will know the best way to dispose of hot water tanks.

For car batteries, try a local auto parts store.  They may allow you to bring it to them.

For tires, you can try searching Google for tire recycling.  Most cities have recycling centers, or a specific lot or place (or areas) for disposal of tires. 

For propane tanks, gas, oil or other flammable liquids, contact a local propane company or the fire department.  

For hazardous materials and chemicals, again if you search Google, all cities will have a hazardous materials company that specializes in this type of disposal.  Or, you can call the local landfill and they should be able to direct you.

For all other prohibited items like electronics, refrigerators, fluorescent lightbulbs, and more, a junk removal company may be your best option.  This is a company who sends people to your location and removes the junk for you.  It's more expensive than a dumpster rental, but in some cases, like for these items, it's the best option.

What CAN you put in a dumpster?

Home renovation or construction debris material like drywall, carpet, flooring, shingles

Deck removal material like wood, trex, metal

Yard waste and landscaping debris like tree branches, leaves, rock, gravel or dirt

Couches, tables, chairs, other furniture, appliances, mattresses*, normal household trash

Pretty much any random junk or garbage

And much more for all types of projects.  See some dumpster guidelines below.  If you have any questions, just call us or chat with us.  It's quick & easy!  

* for mattresses, there may be an extra charge. See your service area page for details

30 yard residential dumpster rental
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At Trash Daddy Dumpsters, we provide local dumpster rental services in multiple states.  We have a wide range of sizes of containers for any job.  And we have flat rate, affordable pricing.  A 30 yard dumpster can dispose of most things.  But, just remember the items above that can't go in a dumpster.  

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