How Many Dumpsters Do I Need To Demo A House?

November 20, 2020

This is a tough question to answer. It all comes down to the size of the rooms and the type of material. Heavier material like brick or rock will mean you cannot fill the dumpsters as full, which means you will need more of them.

The question of how many dumpsters it takes to demo a house is very subjective. Obviously it all depends on the size of the house, but in terms of an exact number, that would be very difficult (if not impossible) to answer. However, what we can do in this article is give you some guidelines on which sizes of dumpsters you would need.

The Key Is The Type of Material

The material being disposed of is the biggest key that will determine which sizes of dumpster, and therefore ultimately how many, you will need. If it's heavy material like brick or concrete, then you will need a smaller size, like a 12 yard or 20 yard, or possibly a 30 yard only filled half way. If you have a lot of that kind of heavy material, of course it will take a lot more hauls to get rid of it. Things like drywall, wood, furniture are not all that heavy and can be disposed of with a fewer number of dumpsters. Understand that in most areas it's not legal to haul more than 10 or 11 tons of weight on the roads, so each dumpster can only be filled to a certain level.


It's nearly impossible to predict how many dumpsters you would need to demo a house. If you keep in mind the type of material you need to dispose of, you will know where you will need more or fewer dumpsters to finish the job. Any of our experts at Trash Daddy Dumpsters can help you determine the right dumpster for your job. Give us a call for your next dumpster rental.