Dumpster Rental FAQs

March 27, 2023

It's very common for people to have a lot of questions when it comes to dumpster rental. Maybe you have never rented one. In recent years dumpster rental has become much more popular. It's the most convenient and affordable way to get rid of extra trash and junk that has been accumulating around the house for years. A lot of people don't know what to expect with a dumpster rental, but at Trash Daddy Dumpsters, we are all about explaining the process and industry to our customers. This article is all about the most common dumpster rental FAQs.

customer dumpster rental faqs

Do you have other charges like taxes, distance fees, or other fees?

Many companies do have extra fees. The most common are delivery fees or fuel surcharge fees. At Trash Daddy Dumpster Rentals, we do not have extra fees. We have all-inclusive flat rate pricing. That means you only pay ONE price, as long as you stay under the weight limit (which most people do). Although dumpsters can hold up to 10 tons of material, the heavier the weight, the more it costs for disposal. This is why the various sizes have their own weight limits. If you exceed the weight limit, there will be an extra charge due to the extra cost of disposal. That's why it's important to talk to an expert before renting a dumpster. They can help minimize the possibility of going over the weight limit based on what you are putting in the dumpster.

There are 3 instances where an additional fee might occur.

  1. IF a driver comes out and can't place or pick up the dumpster because it's blocked, which would result in a "dry run" fee of $200.
  2. IF you have a pick up or delivery scheduled and you cancel. If you cancel same day there is a cancellation fee of $100, and if you cancel 24 hours ahead of your pick up or delivery day there is a cancellation fee of $40.
  3. IF you change your mind after delivery on where the dumpster was placed (it wasn't the fault of the driver placing it wrong) and you want it moved, there would be a $100 relocate fee.

How much does a dumpster rental cost?

This is one of the most common dumpster rental faqs.  The answer:  it depends on your area.  Prices vary across the country, and they can change with the local economy.  The prices with Trash Daddy range from about $395 to $949, depending on the size and the area of the country in which you live.

What's the most common size dumpster rental?

This is a little subjective, but as you can imagine it depends on how much junk or trash you have to throw away.  In almost every area the 20 yard and 30 yard are the most popular sizes.  This is because there are more of them available.  Also, it doesn’t cost much more money to move up to the larger sizes.  The 20 yard is not quite as tall, making it the most common size.

What items CANNOT go in a dumpster?

This is another very common dumpster rental question. We have a page on our website for dumpster rental prohibited items with much more detail if you want to check that out. Almost anything can be thrown away in a dumpster.  It's much easier to just list what can NOT be thrown away, as that list is much smaller.  It's all determined by what can go in landfills, which are strictly regulated.  Please make sure you never put any of the items below in any dumpster. 

  • Electronics - TVs, computers, etc.
  • Refrigerators
  • Tires
  • Air conditioners
  • Paint cans & chemicals
  • Household cleaners
  • Propane tanks
  • Adhesives
  • Medical waste
  • Oil & gasoline
  • Contaminated soil
  • Asbestos
  • Any other hazardous or flammable chemicals

Does the dumpster have a door on it?

Yes!  All dumpsters have a door that swings open on one end.  All you do is lift a locking handle, and the door will swing outward.  NOTE: when placing dumpsters in driveways or up against structures, the drivers will always place them with the door toward the structure, as opposed to toward the street.  Keep this in mind if you want to use the door, but it's pushed right up against something.

What if I only need the dumpster for a few days?

Most dumpster rental companies do not rent dumpsters by the day.  There is almost always a set rental period.  That period will be 3 days, 5 days, 7 days, or 14 days typically. At Trash Daddy, all of our dumpster rentals have a rental period that is included in the flat rate price.  In most areas (for us) it is 14 days, which is longer than a lot of companies offer.  The price does not change if you need it for less time.  If you would like the dumpster picked up sooner, you just let the company know.

Do I have to be home for pick up or delivery?

No, as long as nothing is blocking the area for the driver to place or pick up the dumpster.  We get your placement instructions at the time of the order, so you do not have to wait for the driver if you don't want to.

Will a dumpster fit in my driveway?

Even the largest dumpsters WILL fit in most residential driveways.  The 20 yard, 30 yard and 40 yard sizes are all about 22 feet long, which is about the length of an average driveway.  When you order at Trash Daddy, we will pull up your address on Google maps and let you know if we see any issues with placing the dumpster in your driveway, unless you want it placed somewhere else.

Do you have same day delivery?

Sometimes.  Most haulers usually cannot offer same day delivery.  This is because most times the routes are completed the day before the deliveries are scheduled.  However, there are some haulers that do offer this.  For Trash Daddy it depends on the city.  Most of the time the earliest we could get you a dumpster would be the next day.

Can a dumpster go on the street?

Yes, most of the time, but it does depend on the area/city.  In most cities this is not an issue.  Other cities will allow it if you have a permit, and other cities won't allow it at all.  We will let you know when you order if that is an issue.

Will I need a permit?

Probably not, but possibly, depending on the city and where you place the dumpster.  If you put the dumpster in your driveway you shouldn't need one.  However, some (not all) cities do require permits for dumpsters placed on the street.  We can let you know which cities require a permit, and handle all of that for you.

Dumpster Rental FAQs: Conclusion

As dumpster rental has become more popular, many companies (like Trash Daddy👌) have made it easy for anyone to rent a dumpster. It's affordable, convenient and easy. We hope you found the answers here to the most common dumpster rental questions. Of course we love to hear from customers, so if there is a question you have that isn't answered here, just reach out to us. We look forward to talking to you!