Trash Daddy Dumpsters - The Most Experienced Team For Dumpster Rental

October 2, 2020

We are a bunch of trash industry lifers that have worked in the roll off dumpster rental industry for over 10 years. We worked directly with haulers at the highest levels, so we know the industry inside and out, and we know how to help our customers.

In this article, we will discuss the main things customers should remember before renting any dumpster, no matter where they live.

Work with a company with all-inclusive pricing.

Many companies today have all inclusive pricing, which simply means that you pay one price for renting one dumpster, without any extra fees or charges. Some companies will charge extra add on fees like fuel surcharges, travel or distance fees, or others on top of the initial rental fee. This obviously makes it difficult to budget.

At Trash Daddy Dumpsters, you pay one price for one dumpster, with the exception of a few circumstances, which we will review below.

Pay close attention to the circumstances that could cause an extra fee

  • Over-weight fees - This is the most critical thing to pay attention to when renting a dumpster. All sizes of dumpsters have weight limits. Any company will have extra charges if you fill the dumpster too full and it's over the weight limit. The reason for this is because the trucks are legally regulated on how much weight they can haul. If you fill a dumpster too full, or fill it with very heavy items like concrete, dirt or sod, the truck may still be able to pick up and haul the load, because we always want to help every customer we can, but when it's weighed at the landfill it will cause extra charges, which will be charged back to you.
  • "Dry-run" fees - this fee is caused either by the dumpster being too heavy so the truck can't haul it, or if the service area is somehow blocked and the driver cannot deliver or pick up the dumpster. As we mentioned, sometimes drivers will haul cans that are too heavy, but sometimes they will not, and sometimes they physically cannot. Other times, if the driver cannot access the place to deliver the dumpster, or more commonly, if they arrive to pick it up and the access is blocked, this generates a fee, which is also charged back to you (the customer). This is because the expense of the driver coming out has to be covered. If you make sure there is no restricted access and you aren't overloading the dumpster, you will be fine.
  • Cancellation fees - these fees are more rare, but some companies (including Trash Daddy) will charge a cancellation fee if you cancel the haul within a day or two of delivery. This is because a lot of planning has gone into scheduling the route for the drivers, and it creates multiple issues to re-organize those routes. These fees aren't always charged, but it's something to keep in mind.

Try to work with an experienced company

At Trash Daddy Dumpsters, we have the most experienced team in the dumpster rental business. If you rent a dumpster from a company with less experienced representatives, you could end up renting the wrong size dumpster for your job, which will cost you more money in the end. Our team knows the industry very well, having worked with both homeowners and contractors over many years, and we know which sizes work best for which materials.


Working with the right company for your next dumpster rental can be the difference between a smooth and affordable experience and a rocky, expensive one. At Trash Daddy Dumpsters, we are the most experienced team in the industry, and we want to make the process of renting a dumpster smooth, simple and transparent.

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