How Long Can You Keep A Dumpster?

March 4, 2023

Most dumpster rental companies' average rental period is 7 days. However, dumpster rental time frames vary by company. Also, they vary by the area of the country in which they are located. At Trash Daddy Dumpsters, our rental period in most areas is 14 days. Most of the time you can keep a roll off for longer than the rental period, but there is an extra charge. The longest just about any company will let you keep a roll off is 30 days. The length of time you keep a roll off is determined by the type of project but also by the type of customer.

Contractor vs Homeowner

how long can you keep a contractor roll off

Contractors, who use dumpsters frequently and repeatedly, will often get longer rental periods than a homeowner customer. As we mentioned, most dumpster rental companies rent their dumpsters for a period of 5-7 days. Contractor customers are typically using dumpsters for larger jobs, and most jobs take longer than 7 days. Therefore, it's more common to see contractors keep roll off dumpsters for 14 days, and often up to 30 days.

Homeowners, on the other hand, often don't need a dumpster rental for longer periods. This is why, on average, rental periods across the country are shorter. Many times a homeowner will only need the dumpster for a day or two.

how long can you keep a residential roll off

How long you can keep a dumpster? Depends on the project or job.

Roll off dumpsters are perfect for all kinds of clean up jobs. The make it easy and convenient to get the clean up done. Different jobs will require different dumpster rental periods.

Typical dumpster rental project lengths

  • House cleaning or moving: 2-4 days
    If you are just cleaning out a room or two, or maybe cleaning out your garage or basement, most people will have the dumpster filled in just a few days.
  • Bathroom remodel: 10-20 days
    Most bathroom remodel jobs can be done in about 15 or 20 days. However, if you have a contractor doing the work, they often can get it completed faster.
  • Kitchen remodel: 30-120 days
    A kitchen remodel can range from replacing a few cabinets or appliances, to a complete tear out and rebuild. This will almost always be done by a contractor, and multiple dumpsters will likely be required. The contractor would likely keep each dumpster up to 30 days, swapping it out as necessary.
  • Basement finish or remodel: 30-90 days
    A basement finishing job will typically be finished by a good contractor in a couple of months. This will also likely require multiple dumpsters.

Discuss Your Project With The Dumpster Company

While most dumpster rental companies will not allow you to keep a dumpster longer than 30 days, they typically will try to accommodate your needs. Just keep in mind that most try to keep the rental periods shorter, because then the dumpster can be rented more often. At Trash Daddy Dumpsters, we always try to be as flexible as possible, and we keep our rental terms as long as possible, because often it takes you longer to finish a job than you initially thought.

We hope this article helps give you a better idea of how long you can keep a roll off. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us!