Junk Removal Tips For Homeowners

November 20, 2020

Junk removal for homeowners is a big part of the dumpster rental business. If you own a home, it's only a matter of time before all the stuff you accumulate over the years starts to overtake your space. So if you have been piling up all that old junk you never use in your garage or basement, maybe it's time to finally rent a dumpster and get rid of it.

In this article we will go over 5 tips for all homeowners to remember when renting a dumpster for junk removal.

Tip #1 - Bigger Is Usually Better

One mistake many homeowners make when renting a dumpster to get rid of old junk is getting a dumpster that is too small. Most of the time people end up discarding a lot more than they planned initially, especially once they get started getting rid of things. If you get a larger dumpster (like a 20 yard or 30 yard), not only will you have enough room for that extra junk, but usually these are a better value for the money. Plus, if you don't have to rent another dumpster by getting the bigger one in the first place, you can keep your cost down.

Tip #2 - Remember The Dumpster Delivery Space Requirements

Something that many homeowners forget when renting a dumpster to get rid of extra junk is that they are delivered by big roll off trucks. These trucks need plenty of space to maneuver and place the dumpster where you want it. The general rule is they need 60 feet of length, 60 feet of height and 12 feet of width in order to delivery the dumpster. Take a look at a short video we created regarding delivery and use guidelines. https://youtu.be/sKOu3lsLcug

Tip #3 - Plywood Can Protect The Driveway

Just to be clear, most of the time if you are just renting a dumpster for junk removal, the dumpster will never be heavy enough to create any kind of marks on your driveway. However, in the even you are putting heavy material in the dumpster along with your junk, like rock, landscaping material, or sod, you might want to consider putting down a piece of plywood just to protect the driveway from any marks.

Tip #4 - The 20 Yard Is The Way To Go

A 20 yard dumpster is a very popular size, and might be the best size for a homeowner. It's large enough to handle heavy loads, but it's also very affordable and readily available. It's as long as a 30 yard but not quite as high so it's easy to throw trash over the sides.

Tip #5 - Talk To An Expert Before You Rent A Dumpster

Most dumpster rental companies have people that are just call center employees answering the phone. As nice as many of them might be, most of them know very little, if anything at all, about the dumpster rental business. While that's not necessarily an issue, it could cost you money. If the person you talk to knows the business and knows what you are putting in the dumpster is likely to result in overweight charges, they can clue you in on that BEFORE you rent the dumpster, and get you the correct size. The end result is a cheaper price for you. Work with an expert if you can, and at Trash Daddy Dumpsters, we have the most experienced team in the business answering the phones.


If you are at the point where you need to finally clear out that basement, garage or spare room in your house, make sure you read our junk removal tips for homeowners. Work with the experts to get you the best possible price. Give us a call to see how we can help you with your next dumpster.