How Much Is A Dumpster Rental Near Me?

February 3, 2023

If you are one of the many people asking yourself this question, Trash Daddy Dumpsters is here to help you and provide the answer!

Dumpster rentals have become much more popular in recent years. This is mainly due to the fact that people are learning how convenient and affordable most dumpster rentals are. If you need to get rid of old junk, especially large items that you just can't set out with the weekly trash, a dumpster rental is the perfect solution. In this article, we will specifically address this common question, at least for the areas we service.

customer wondering how much is a dumpster rental near me

Ok, so how much is a dumpster rental?

You are probably saying to yourself "just give me a number"🤣. We get it. And, unlike so many companies, at Trash Daddy Dumpsters we WILL give you some numbers in this article and on our website. That's because we aren't here to "sell" you or earn a commission, and we don't employ salespeople like so many other dumpster rental companies. It's very common to not see prices posted on most companies' websites, in part because of that reason.

However, another completely valid reason why most companies don't post their prices online is because they change so frequently. The slightest local economic shift can cause dumpster rental prices to go up or down, like with recent gas prices, for example. Even for small companies, to continually update sizes and prices on each page of a website can be a tall task, but especially for larger companies that service multiple local areas in multiple states like Trash Daddy.

If you are interested in learning more about dumpster rental prices, or how to keep your costs low, we have written other articles that go deeper into that. You can take a look here: Dumpster Rental Prices - A Complete Guide, and Dumpster Rental Costs - How to Keep Low. Now, let's get into the general price ranges in the states and local areas we service at Trash Daddy.

Prices vary based on size, weight limit, and in some areas proximity to the city.

Chicago area: $395 to $550

Dallas / Fort Worth area: $499 to $695

Denver area: $350 to $600

Houston area: $450 to $900

Kansas City area: $340 to $650

Las Vegas area: $425 to $550

Nashville area: $415 to $850

Orlando area: $350 to $550

Phoenix area: $395 to $650

Salt Lake City area: $350 to $495

Typically the pricing with almost every hauler in every area is going to be fairly similar. This will give anyone wondering "how much is a dumpster rental near me" a good idea of how much they are looking at.

Also, keep in mind these are prices for the entire metro area. This means these prices are also accurate for all smaller surrounding nearby cities. See each city's specific page for more details specific to that area.

As you can see, prices vary by the area in which you live, by size, by weight limit, and in some cases by how close you are to a city or landfill. At Trash Daddy dumpsters, we would love to show you how easy and affordable dumpster rental can be, if you are in one of our local service areas. We have been in the business a long time, and we wrote this article to answer a common question. We hope this gives you better insight into the cost of a dumpster rental in your area. Thanks for reading!