Debris Removal with Dumpster Rentals

September 5, 2022

Every year homeowners and business owners have more and more debris and junk pile up. So what is the ideal solution for debris removal? We think the answer is clear: a dumpster rental with Trash Daddy! 👍 Dumpster rentals are by far the most convenient and least expensive way to get rid of the debris piling up. The dumpster is dropped off, placed in a convenient spot, and then picked up when you fill it up. Dumpster rentals in most areas are more affordable than you might think. So if you are thinking about getting rid of excess debris and junk, you should absolutely check into a dumpster rental. Below we will discuss three advantages a dumpster rental offers for debris removal.

debris removal with dumpster rental


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One of the reasons for the popularity of dumpster rentals is how convenient they are. There are many items that you may have lying around your house or garage that you can't just set out for the weekly trash to pick up. These include larger items like mattresses, carpeting, old furniture, old appliances, and much more. So what are your options? Do you really want to load this heavy stuff up in a pickup truck (assuming you have one) and take it to the local landfill yourself? I can't think of anyone who would look forward to that chore. Well, a dumpster rental eliminates all of that.

A dumpster is dropped off and placed where you want it. All you do is load it up with all the debris and old junk you don't want or need any longer. Then the dumpster rental company picks it up and disposes of it for you! Also, almost any kind of debris can be discarded using a dumpster. There are only a small number of things that can't go in a dumpster. You can take a look at that on the FAQ section of our website if you are curious about those items.


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Prices for dumpster rentals will vary depending on where you live, or where they are delivered. The prices are heavily determined by local economic factors in your local area like fuel prices, landfill rates, and more. In most areas of the country you can rent a dumpster for anywhere from about $350 to $550, on average.

Many dumpster rental companies will charge a flat fee which help keeps your costs to a minimum. The cost to dispose of any items is all related to the weight, which is set by the local landfills. The heavier the debris or junk is, the more it costs for disposal. The flat fee will include a certain weight limit, and as long as you stay under that limit, you just pay the one price. If you are just getting rid of household items and stuff laying around the house or garage, typically the weight will not exceed the limit.

The cost versus the amount of debris an average size dumpster can hold is very attractive. A 20 yard dumpster, for example, can hold about 8-9 pickup truck loads of debris. This is one of the reasons dumpster rental has become a popular solution for debris removal and junk clean up, both for homeowners and businesses.


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Another very attractive advantage about dumpster rentals is how easy it is to get one today. However, it does depend on the company. Some companies make is much easier than others. Dealing with the big national companies can be a nightmare. Typically the customer will get a better experience dealing with a smaller, privately owned company where service is the focus. Companies like Trash Daddy Dumpsters make it very simple to order a dumpster rental. All it takes is literally a few minutes over the phone, or online via live chat, and you can order and schedule a dumpster delivery. It has never been easier or quicker to get a dumpster delivered right to your home or business.

Debris Removal With Dumpster Rentals - Conclusion

There are multiple advantages to using a dumpster rental for your next debris removal project. Those advantages include convenience, affordability, and simplicity. We hope this article gives you some insight on how easy junk and debris removal can be, especially if you get a hold of a high quality dumpster rental company that highly values customer service.