Brick or Concrete Disposal With A Dumpster Rental

October 23, 2021

Are you a homeowner that needs to replace or repair the concrete for your driveway or garage? Are you a contractor with demolition jobs that requires a way to remove concrete or brick? If so, probably the most convenient option for concrete disposal is a dumpster rental. However, there are three important things you need to know before you put concrete, brick, or dirt in a dumpster. In this article we will discuss the best size dumpster for brick and concrete disposal, as well as the weight limit needed for the dumpster and fill level guidelines.

Best Dumpster Size for Concrete Disposal

There are many different sizes of dumpster rentals. The most common sizes for remodel or demolition jobs are 12 yard, 15 yard, 20 yard, 30 yard and 40 yard dumpsters. However, if you are looking for dirt, brick or concrete disposal, you will want one of the smaller sizes. Keeping the size small for this heavier material serves two purposes.

First, it ensures that the truck won't have any problem picking up and hauling the dumpster when it's full, because it will be heavy. A mistake often made by people filling a dumpster with dirt, concrete or brick is not realizing just how heavy they will get. It doesn't take a lot of material for the dumpster to become very heavy. That can be minimized by keeping the fill level low, which we will talk about next.

Second, it helps keep the cost of your dumpster rental down. By using a smaller dumpster size for heavier material, the total weight will be smaller, which means a lower price when the dumpster is emptied at the landfill.

Fill Level for Concrete Disposal

Normally, you can (and should) fill a dumpster to just under the top edge. However, with heavy material like dirt, concrete or brick, you should only fill the dumpster about half full, like you see here.

concrete disposal dumpster

Most dumpsters filled to the top edge are not going to be all that heavy, if you are talking about household junk from a normal house or garage. The weight of a dumpster is what determines the ultimate price. The heavier the dumpster, the more it will cost for disposal. So, if you are filling a dumpster with heavier material like concrete, dirt or brick, filling it about half way will keep the weight down, both for hauling and for the price you pay.

Best Dumpster Weight Limit for Concrete Disposal

Every size dumpster has a weight limit. All dumpsters have a very high total weight capacity. In most states, the legal hauling weight is 12 tons or less. When a dumpster get close to that weight, it can be difficult for the truck to pick up, and hauling it is more dangerous. Therefore, when you rent a dumpster for concrete disposal (or brick or dirt), you should ask if the company has a "heavy" option. This is most often called a "12 yard heavy", for example. What this means is it's a normal 12 yard dumpster, but with a higher weight limit for the price you pay. If the company that rents the dumpster has this option (like we do at Trash Daddy Dumpsters), this is the most cost effective choice.


A dumpster rental is definitely the way to go if you are trying to dispose of concrete, dirt, brick or other heavy items. If you do find yourself needing to remove heavy items like that, just make sure you keep in mind the main points in this article. Keep the size small, the fill level low, and work with a company that has "heavy" options on their dumpsters (like Trash Daddy). We hope this article makes your next heavy dumpster rental a little easier and more affordable for you.