Can I Rent A Dumpster For A Day?

February 23, 2024

More people are realizing every day how convenient and affordable dumpster rentals are to get rid of all the old junk around your house, garage or yard. Normally, people prefer longer rental periods to have enough time to clean out and load all of that junk. But some people are in a time crunch and only need the dumpster for a day or two. If you have been wondering "can I rent a dumpster for a day", we have the answer for you. But the answer requires some clarification. The answer depends on whether you want to KEEP the dumpster for only one day, or PAY FOR the dumpster for only one day.

Yes, you can KEEP a dumpster for a day. But, no you cannot PAY FOR a dumpster for a day. We will explain below.

can i rent a dumpster for a day

Yes, you can KEEP a dumpster for only one day.

Any dumpster rental company will come pick up the dumpster when you are done with it, even if that's just after one day. This often occurs when you have a crew on site ready to fill the dumpster. It can fill up fast, especially if it's a smaller size like a 10 yard or 12 yard. This is not uncommon in the dumpster rental world. But, just keep in mind that dumpster pickups must be worked into the scheduled routes.

No, you cannot PAY FOR a dumpster for only one day.

This is what most people mean when they wonder if they can rent a dumpster for just one day. Most companies today have flat rate pricing. This means there is one price which includes a set amount weight and a set rental period. The rental periods range from 5 days to 14 days typically. It's a set rate with a set number of days included. If you only keep the dumpster for a day, the price stays the same.

We are not aware of any company, anywhere, that rents dumpsters in one day increments. The reason for this is because all the daily routes are planned out ahead of time. In order to offer one day rentals, it would require very complicated and sophisticated routing and planning. The vast majority of roll-off dumpster companies, including large national companies like Republic or Waste Management, are not equipped to provide that level of planning on a daily basis. There are too many factors that can impact a roll-off driver's daily route. Things like flat tires, landfill delays, weather, traffic, and more all can significantly impact and change any dumpster rental companies' routes. For this reason, it would be extremely difficult to offer daily rentals.


We hope this helps to clarify your question "can I rent a dumpster for a day". While you can definitely keep a dumpster for only one day, the price won't be less for doing so. This is because almost all dumpster rental companies have set rental periods included in their pricing. Just remember that when renting a dumpster, the cost is determined more by the weight of the dumpster and what you are putting in it, than how long you keep it. And, almost always you can get a larger dumpster for very little increase in price. This is because the larger sizes, like a 20 yard or 30 yard, are much more popular and more commonly found across the country.

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